Actor Sag/Aftra - Hugo Valentin

            Hugo Valentin is a actor born in queens and raised in the Bronx. He started acting in 1998, since then has worked in countless movies. After working a day job and acting for 7 years he decided to make acting his career not a hobby and joined the screen actors guild in 2006. After working with actors like Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and Jack Black, decided comedy was where the fun is, even though he worked with Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Denzel Washington and admired their passion while on set, it did not compare to the fun he had on sets like "Grown Ups" with Adam Sandler and "Be Kind Rewind" with Jack Black. So in 2011 when he decided to start making his own movies with wife and actress Lourdes Torres, it was no surprise that he leaned toward short films in the comedy genre. Their first film "Maybe I Should've Prayed" was Lourdes Torres's debut as a movie director. After seeing how that went, Hugo Valentin decided to follow his wife's footsteps and direct his own, their second movie named "Uuuh What You Said" starring their son Hugo Valentin Jr.  After joining church and finding the Lord in his home church Victory Renewal Christian Fellowship World Outreach Church, he decided to make films with a message so their first two films are a result of that both having a bible verse in them and giving a testimony about the message. With his movies he hopes to bring fun movies that people love to watch with a message so the movies serve a purpose and maybe bring the word of the lord to people that other wise         
will not hear it.

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